C1 German for very advanced speakers

 C1 German intensive course  in person or ONLINE

Goal: C1-ÖSD-certifikate
German for very advanced learners
Focus: oral und written expression

.pdf-course application form
Please download the application form,
fill it in and send it to us via E-Mail

Important for those entitled to asylum!

The ÖIF pays 100% for these courses.

The books are included!

Please come to our office 4 weeks before the start of the course. We will do a free placement test and give you a cost estimate for the ÖIF. The ÖIF covers the course fee including materials.

Our Course plan (ONLINE as well )

If you’ve missed the start of the German course you can join our current courses at any time!

At the moment we offer the following C1 courses:


weekend C1+ course

ÖSD-exam preparation course

Deutsch Wochenendkurs

Sa. – So.
10am – 1pm

Level C1+
Date 06. July
Time 10am – 1pm Saturday and Sunday
Course duration 4 weeks
Units 32 (à 45 Min.)
Price €250,- / €35,- per day

 ÖSD -C1-certificate – at the end of the course

Current date

  • 08.06. – 30.06.2024

Further dates

  • 06.07. – 28.07.2024
  • 03.08. – 25.08.2024


C1/C1+ German course

Deutsch Vormittagskurse

Mo.-Fr. 11am-1pm

Level C1/C1+ Intensive*
Date 24. June
Time  11am – 13am  Monday to Friday**
Course duration 8 weeks
Units 104 à 45 Min.
Price  €540,-or 2x €290,-

Current course date

  • 29.04. – 21.06.2024
Deutschkurs am Nachmittag

Mo. – Fr.
1pm – 3pm

Entry in C1+ (C1 Part 2) à 290,-€

  • 24.06. – 19.07.2024

Further dates

  • 24.06. – 16.08.2024
  • 22.07. – 13.09.2024


Evening C1/C1+ German course

Deutsch Abendkurse

Tue. and Thu.

Level C1/C1+*
Date 02. July
Time 6pm – 9pm , Tuesday + Thursday + Friday**
Duration 6,5 weeks
Units  80 (à 45 Min.)
Price 449,-€ for 6,5 weeks

 ÖSD C1-exam – at the end of the course

Current course date

  • 14.05. – 28.06.2024

Further dates

  • 02.07. – 16.08.2024


All of the German courses at DAS SPRACHENSTUDIO correspond to the level system of the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR) and are internationally acknowledged.

If you’ve missed the start of the course you can join our current courses at any time.


* Registered German course institute at MA17 (Town Council of Vienna) and AMS

** Course organization: A German course has a maximum of 12 participants, the minimum number of participants is 6. If there are 4-5 participants in an A1-C1 course, the teaching times are reduced from 10 hours to 8 hours per week. For 3 people, the course can take place at half the teaching time, up to 6 hours per week. For 2 people, the course can also take place with a lesson time reduction of 5 hours per week.