Foreign Language Courses for Companies

About our foreign language courses

We offer company goal-oriented courses tailored to your employees specific needs. Our language trainers come to you so that you can effectivley allocate time for learning or refreshing your German.

  • Define your own time-schedule and learning speed.
  • An ideal combination of active dialogues and job-related specific vocabulary.
  • Our language trainer is exclusively yours and will compile a special learning program for your employees particular language skills goals.


DAS SPRACHENSTUDIO additionally offers the following specialized business courses:

  • First Class – German: business level
  • Business Class – German Know-how: advanced level
  • Office Management – German for secretaries and office assistants
  • Intercultural Coaching – goal-oriented speech in German
  • Cocktail Talk – speak German in an informal context


First Class

Executive managers often hold positions in which language proficiency is key for a companies
success and their needs differ from those of other employees in the intensity of professional
rigorousness, importance, and consequence.

Emphasized in this program are the development of the following skills:

  • Negotiation skills
  • Professional organisation and leadership in conferences and meetings
  • Presentations
  • Reading skills with emphasis on specific business publications
  • Writing skills with emphasis on business letters and electronic correspondence
  • Language specific rethoric: agreeing and disagreeing, interrupting, clarifying and confirming, asking for comments, summarising, asking appropriate questions, challenging/defending an opinion, persuading and compromising, making proposals, opening/closing meetings.


Business Class

The Business-Class Program targets the representatives of your company who hold increased communicative positions. These employees are advised to enhance skills necessary for the smooth communication commonly generated by daily correspondence in international business.

Therefore, this program entails the development and improvement
of the following skills:

  • Writing skills with emphasis on reports, memos, business letters, and electronic correspondence
  • Reading skills with emphasis on business correspondence
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Organization of conferences and meetings


Office Management

As the first point of contact between you and your business partners, smooth and accurate communication skills are essential requirements for these employees. To develop and improve the skills necessary for professional communication of office managers this program emphasizes the following areas:

  • Telephone etiquette
  • Writing skills emphasizing electronic correspondence, letters, and reports
  • Reading skills emphasizing electronic correspondence and letters
  • Communication in the office
  • Customer service


Inter-Cultural Coaching

For effective international relationships it is essential to not only master proficiency in the required language but also to be aware of your business partner’s cultural mannerisms. This program entails coprehensive coaching in the nuts and bolts of the target countries behaviors in business to avoid costly and possibly detrimental misunderstandings and difficulties.

During this course the following elements are considered:

  • Accurate and culturally sensitive communication in business
  • Knowledge of foreign company culture and national economics
  • Profession specific culturally sensitive business communication


Cocktail Talk

It is not uncommon that important business deals and networking opportunities present themselves during more informal situations such as cocktail parties, dinners, and socials. It is therefore essential that your companies representatives are highly efficient in the art of small talk in your target langauge. During this course, the essentials of informal self-marketing are considered emphasizing the following elements:

  • Comfortably and effectively perform small talk in social sitations
  • Be able to present yourself and your company informally
  • Be funny, charismatic, and memorable in your target language