Our philosophy

Our Philosophy

“Let Language be the Key!”

“Education without borders” or “Let Language be the Key” were our first advertising slogans and that is still the motto today in the SPRACHENSTUDIO, which has been very successfully active as an institution in adult education since 2005.

However, we do not just want to bridge linguistic boundaries, but also cultural and social ones. As an adult education company, we trust that our educational work will lead to a better coexistence for different societies, cultures and states. In doing so, the individual person is at the centre of our activity. Individual support and the creation of an optimal learning atmosphere are very important to us. This allows all participants of our language courses to learn and progress in the best possible way.

Our methods and principles in language lessons:

Our success since 2005 is based on our language training in small groups and individual courses. Through direct, personal conversations, the language teachers can more easily respond to the individual needs of the students. We understand language learning as an interactive process. Our teachers work with each participant from each language level. In addition, they motivate each student by achieving jointly defined goals. For example, language skills and abilities that develop and improve in the classroom are applied in everyday practice with the clearly stated goal of being more successful at communicating.

Our teaching methods are based on the latest linguistic findings.

It goes without saying that the gender and diversity standards play a very important role.

You speak in class from the beginning in your target language!

The learning approach of the communicative method provides a varied and diversified teaching program (forms of work and exercises).

While practicing speaking, listening, reading, writing and vocabulary, the students are involved in lessons in a variety of ways, for example through group work, partner work, whole class work, dialogues and text and role-playing games.

The focus is on communication combined with state-of-the-art multimedia teaching materials: this guarantees a lively lesson.

Our language teachers also use authentic materials in the courses, such as: forms, newspaper clippings, advertising, city maps, cinema programs, children’s programs etc., because they strive to make the content and topics in lessons as realistic as possible. The students find them motivating, modern and appealing.


Our teachers have a clear goal in the classroom: to make it easier for students to find their way around their new home, to give new, positive impulses to their lives, to give them new perspectives for the future, and to optimally prepare them for their corresponding language certification tests.

To prevent the communicative method neglecting written expression and reading comprehension, the communicative method has to be modified and supplemented in order to support and promote the development of essential writing skills in addition to the compulsory reading skills required for the tests. Providing the grammar knowledge required for each language level is an essential part of the teaching method at the SPRACHENSTUDIO, so that correct use of German always forms the basis for next level of instruction.

Equally, phonetics plays an important role in the classroom.

Our language teachers are well-trained and able to find the perfect mix of teaching principles for each individual learning group. They react immediately if necessary and modify the teaching concept accordingly. In this way we guarantee the best possible language course for our students!