Generale terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions:

Of Das Sprachenstudio  Rosar e. U.

AGB 2007.2 are valid from 1. January 2020.

The scope of the terms and conditions and the additional points are valid for the End User.

The corresponding Appendix is valid for Students and Travel Agencies.


1. Registration
his will be considered as binding as soon as the registration form is submitted in person by letter, fax or online.

To ensure a place on the course, a Deposit of € 100 is required.

2. Method of Payment

 The outstanding amount of the Course fees are to be paid in the 1st day of the Course.

  • An entrance to the course is only possible when the total amount for the course fees have been paid in full and have been deposited into our account no more than 3 working days after the start of the course, unless there is a written arrangement regarding payment by installments.
  • In the case of payment default we retain the right to charge an extra €42 reminder fee plus interest in arrears to the invoice.
  • Individual training sessions must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the arranged time of the appointment, or the full amount of time will be charged.

3. Withdrawal – Cancellation Cover.

A completed registration can only be cancelled five working days before the beginning of the course by means of a letter or an e-mail.
In this case a cancellation fee of € 100 will be charged.

A late cancellation, non participation or a termination of the course will result in no repayment or accredited hours being made. Each course participant retains the right to designate another participant to take their place. In this case it is necessary for both course participants to submit a written notification within good time.

4. Course Organisation

A German course has a maximum of 12 participants, with the minimum number being 6. When there are only 4-5 participants in an A1 or A2 course, the teaching hours will be shortened from 3 to 2 hours per teaching day, and for B1 and B2 courses the teaching hours will be shortened from 2 to 1,5 per teaching day -evening course  B1 from 3 to 2 per teaching day and B2, C1 from 3 to 2  per teaching day– with the same original course fee.

In the case of  3 participants your course can also take place with a 50% reduction of teaching hours.

In the case of  2 participants your course can also take place with a 75% reduction of teaching hours.

5. Liability
The liability of the organiser for damages that the course participants caused, no matter the reason, in particular any damages which occur to third parties, is expressely excluded.

The course participant, and respective guardians, are liable for the damages caused.

When the explicit, written and / or oral instructions of the lecturer and our staff are not followed, then any liability will be rejected.
The Sprachstudio Rosar e.U. is not liable for any damages, impairments or disturbances in connection with services which are only arranged as third party services and / or are climatically connected and / or  are the result of circumstances of natural causes or force majeure.

Liability is based on §1310 ff. AGB.


6. Valuables, Pocket Money, Mobile Telephones.

Generally it is requested that no valuables are to be brought.

There will be no liability accepted for the loss of valuables or mobile telephones.

7. Privacy

With my signiture  on the course registration form I agree with the collection of my given data to contact me or for the internal data processing by DAS Sprachenstudio Rosar e. U.

DSGVO 25.05.2018.