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Each lesson with native speakers DAS SPRACHENSTUDIO is happy to offer lessons in over fifty languages.

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German courses for Recognized refugees

German courses for recognized refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection

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Last news and events from our language school

A2 integration exam tomorrow the 16th of March

Das Sprachenstudio is partner of the ÖIF = Austian Integration Fonds. You have the possibility to do an ÖIF A2 Level  integration exam  each month on Saturday. Tomorrow is the next A2 exam, 16th of March at 9am at Sprachstudio. Our A2 courses in the morning, afternoon or evening prepare you very well for this […]

Our Russian course will start today

Our teacher Anna will teach the basics in a very small group of only 3 participants twice a week. That’s the reason why you will progress very fast. Anna is originally from Ukraine but she grew up with both languages: Russian and Ukrainian. Shehas been teaching Russian and German for more than 5 years in […]

Unser Russisch-Kurs beginnt heute Abend am 8.Februar 2019

Mit unserer TrainerIn Anna machen Sie in einer Kleingruppe mit nur 3 Personen die ersten Schritte in der neuen Sprache Anna ist ursprünglich aus der Ukraine, jedoch zweisprachig aufgewachsen. Sie unterrichtet seit vielen Jahren Russisch als Fremdsprache und auch Deutsch als Fremdsprache in Österreich. Der Kurs dauert 4 Wochen. Nach 4 Wochen ist eine Verlängerung […]

Every first Saturday of the month is our examination day

ÖSD exams take place once a month at Sprachenstudio This is the next Saturday, second of February At 9am we start with ÖSD A1 and C1 exams and B1 DTÖ and B2 in the afternoon. If you are not ready to pass the exam, join our preparation courses which start also the second of February […]